Pipelines are the heart of CPM's operations and have the ability

To connect people as much as they do tanks and storage units.

These connections are established through the process of constructing the pipelines in ares where active communities exist and becomes a part of the operations as well, influencing the overall pace of the project.

CPM has, for example, worked in areas where the existing infrastructure must remain unbothered and untouched whether it be for cultural or legal reasons, While that may be considered hindering.

Cpm Has been able to establish good relationships with locals that allow for the installation of pipelines to go by smoothly and without causing disturbance on either side.

We are fully aware of the impact our pipelines have, both on the populance and the economy, and we work according to the needs of all the people around us.


picture Construction of 13,2 Km x 1.100mm - 1.900mm water Pipeline
Client : KSO - PAU
Location : Umbulan
picture Gas Pipeline Distribution Project
Client : Pertamina
Location : North Sumatera
picture Tambak Lorok Power Plant Gas Pipeline
Client : Sumber Petrindo Perkasa (SPP)
Location : Centra Java, Indonesia
picture Lekas 3 Regasfication Pipeline Project
Client : Petronas Gas Berhard (PGB) / Algotech SdnBhd
Location : Malaka, Malaysia
picture Bunyu OnShore & OffShore Gas Pipeline
Client : Expans Kalimantan
Location : East Kalimantan, Indonesia
picture 2 x 50 MW Power plant, fuel supply pipeline
Client : PT. Indonesi Power (Persero)
Location : Pemaron, Bali, Indonesia
picture EPC GAS Transmision Pipeline Project
Client : PT. Gas Negara (Persero) Tbk.
Location : Grissik South Sumatera
picture EPC Lean Gas Pipeline Project Phase 1
Client : PT. Agcia Pertiwi
Location : Handil, East Kalimantan
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